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Piecing together your website and biz graphics on your own might get it done. Maybe you're a little gun shy about working with a designer or aren't quite ready to hand over the reigns. Can it really catapult your message? One things for sure. Your new project, re-brand, or design materials lack visual punch. It needs something else and you can't put your finger on it.

I've got your back. Get my eyes on your design to bring the creative direction of your brand into focus. Take your ideas up a notch, widen your vision and make your clients swoon... without letting someone else totally take over. A few minor tweaks can make a big difference. A simple font change, color shift, or design element will blow your brand out of the water.

In this 60 minute intensive we'll sharpen the outlook of your brand.

  1. Audit 3-5 pieces of design work (pdfs, facebook or social media images, website pages, etc.) We'll assess what's working and what's not.

  2. Ensure your fonts, colors, and image styles are on point - clear & consistent to your message.

  3. Inject bold, clever & eye-catching copy. How you deliver your message, what it looks like, affects how your target audience reads it. Will I rewrite it? No. But I'll suggest better headlines or body copy formatting to encourage the proper flow as needed. 

  4. Tweak anything that will really make your brand POP. Think throw the hammer & capture their attention.


Not for you if...

  • you're starting completely from scratch.

  • you want your design completely done for you in 90 min (audits do not include total re-design)



Perfect for you if...

  • you love to do your own design, but need an objective, experienced perspective on your current direction.

  • you have your website and several graphics done and in use.

  • you're already on-brand but need to refresh for a new project, program, or launch

  • you're not sure what a designer could really do or improve for you (this is a great first step!)

Every Dick & Jane says they are a designer.

why shelly kicks some serious design derriere

Your neighbors best friends mother does graphic design and offers to help you out. A sister in-law is creative and dabbles in Photoshop - how can you say no? Hell, these days even your kids can ace any app you put in front of them. None of these end up well. I can't even begin to tell you how many times clients tell me they wish they would have just come to me first. In all honesty (cause that's super my thing), I still get that Who the hell are you? voice in my head when it comes to letting you know I'm the real deal. So deep breath in, this is why you hire a PRO.

1. I’m trained & continue to train.

Yes. It does matter. Not just anywhere. I sharpened every tool in my belt at The Rochester Institute of Technology - a school that continues to crank out leaders in the field. Business Insider ranked RIT’s School of Design 11th of the top 25 best design schools in the WORLD in 2012. “It produces some of the most prepared career oriented designers in the workforce through small classes, working professionals as professors, and top of the line technology. The quirky blend of tech and art oriented students helps mold innovative thinkers.”

I am naturally curious & hungry to learn, always diving into new territory. I’m not afraid of a mess or monster project that maybe I haven’t quite done before. In fact, its where I truly thrive. Don’t look for a laundry list of too many similar projects in my portfolio. 

2. Real world experience.

From international bigwig design agencies to a mom & pop print shop. I spent time on both the creative and production sides of private label branding campaigns. From concept and presentation development to ‘make it happen’ team in production. I became the pixel pushing Photoshop Queen that built the press ready artwork on food packaging and in-store signage. Yup. All those foodie images in the grocery store that make your mouth water and your pocketbooks dry. Wegmans, Harris Teeter, Weis, Stop n Shop, Raley’s, Weis… Advanced Auto Parts, Office Depot… Their own brand stuff.

3. The color Goddess with eyes like a hawk. 

I haven’t taken the real Munsell Test, but I continually score a big fat ZERO (that’s awesomeness) on the digital test. That’s where we all play anyways, right? That means I can see even the tiniest variances in color shifts. Ive matched product photography to their actual fabric swatches, manipulated skin tone to accurately reflect different ethnicities, color corrected the skies in over 40 classical Hudson River School artists paintings for a gallery book. Print and color manipulation to press perfection. Sorry, I get excited. Not only can I see them, I can tell you what they mean. What they convey. Fuchsia is NOT hot pink. Coral ain’t no tangerine. Lime isn’t ever going to be kiwi.

4. I breathe visual communication.

Subtle nuances of line and form, light and shadow - now that’s my language. I’ll tell you why which fonts you choose and the shapes of the graphic elements work together or not. Hint: it’s not because they are pretty or trendy. THAT’s where great graphics get their energy from. That’s what I match to your personal style. 

5. It’s simply my gift. My super power. My creative vision. 

The ability to SEE the transformation that’s needs to occur pretty much instantly. Often before we’ve even finished the conversation, I've got a sense of where you need to be. I can’t turn it off, nor do I ever want to. 

When I see businesses struggle with getting it right, struggle with doing it on their own and settle for less than stellar it pulls at my heart. Because I have the remedy!! Let's talk. It's really that easy.

The juices flow. The rest is just execution.

Good enough gets glossed over. Go boldly with better direction.

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