Learning to Let Go

collage & photography blend for a new direction

A story about faith, trust & intuition.

Falling asleep at the wheel handed me one of the biggest wake up calls of my life. A few short weeks later, I was diagnosed with a daytime sleeping disorder called Narcolepsy and it forced me to redefine everything. The career ladder I was climbing, the relationship on shaky ground and SO many plans for my future were shattered beneath that windshield in minutes. But I wasn't.

Five years later I left my job (again), and moved home (again) to redirect my life... yup, AGAIN. My sketchbook work evolved into a process that merged mixed media collage, scrapbooking, vision boards, design, stretching and QUIET - mindfully blending past events and expectations for the future to come up with a course for now. This body of work moves that style of mixed media collage from paper to panel. Infused with photography and positive messages, they create mini-installations to motivate & inspire me (and now others) to chart that next course.


the Flight Pattern collection

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flight pattern book

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