Connect. Heal. Change.


Writing, mark making and expressive art can powerfully shift your perspective. Carving out time to sit and Be with your inner artist nurtures your soul, giving your inner desires an outward form, and reveals a course for them to take shape.

When we begin to see Art as more than just a shape on the wall, but as a tool for creative expression. We can learn to use it as a way to access, shift and feel through our emotions.



Dive Paper Sessions

once per week • 90 MINUTES

Start now. No more waiting. No more excuses.

Virtual Create Dates

once per month • 60 MINUTES

You don’t have to be with me in person to create. Thank you techies for uniting us all via the great big awesome internet.


Dive Paper Sessions

Born out of a love for all things paper - the colors, the patterns, the crinkle… and an elemental need to connect back to the process of making art.  Mixed media collage helps to break down the barriers of the blank page. Letting go of the idea that art has to "say something" or look a certain way - allows you to jump in, release those expectations and revel in the discovery of possibility. The process delivers the message to you and the results speak for themselves.

The Process

No single image is created from start to finish exclusively. Small batches develop together and progress through approximately three main stages like a puzzle. Several batches and sketchbooks are also in the works at any given time.

Abstract art forces you to conceptualize.

which is precisely why it leaves us pondering

It asks us to forge a connection on an emotional level simply by discovering our own relationship to color, shape, form and texture. There is no story being forced upon us. It is that blank space that sparks the pleasure of feeling - even if that feeling is indifference. 

Working with a variety materials, I've been creating mixed media art journals since 2001. They give me permission to let go of perfection and make a mess. They are a quiet ritual, an act of deeply personal self-care, and time to myself that foster relaxation, calm my mind, and tune into my heart.