Pretty, Meet Technical.

Digital editing mastery makes your images sing.

With a hawkeye for detail and a digital brush I’m pretty unstoppable. The quality, clarity and REALNESS of your images is uber important to me. Whether its people, packaging, landscapes... art reproduction, glamour shots (don't worry, not the 90's kind), or tablescapes - editing is an Art itself. Delivering effects that are both specific and appropriate to your project is my number one priority. With over a decade of experience in post production ensures all the specs and finishing touches are covered. I won’t take 10 pounds or 10 years off you or overly edit children, but I will make you look your absolute best.  

I would love to tell you that this part wasn’t necessary. That you’re an absolute goddess straight at ‘click’ —- because YOU ARE. But post processing is about more than fixing flaws.