Say buh-bye to social anxiety.

Yes, YOU - over there lurking in the shadows. Keeping tabs on what everyone else is doing. Drowning in notifications of other businesses stepping up and speaking out. Isn't it time you showed up? Isn't it time you were the one being listened to? It doesn't have to be so scary. So stressful. So much, you know - WORK. Social media bundles take the anxiety out of showing up. Headline your posts with a graphic style that instantly puts you center stage.

You know, the one they stop to look at.

Complete, done for you templates to match your existing brand.

Add your own text via several phone or desktop apps.

Your Message + My Graphics = 1 Ticket to Center Stage

  • Grab a pack of either 9 or 18 over there on the right.
  • Schedule a 30 min call to chat about your brand style.
  • I'll set up & share a Dropbox folder with you.
  • Send me your logo, colors, & any relevant image files. Vector if you have it, but high quality jpg or png.
  • Also send a doc or email with copy or phrases for each. 
Social Media Graphics
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Buzzkill: you may fall head over heels for these

(and end up wanting a full brand)  #justsaying