Visionary Loudmouth

Elegantly Audacious, wildly feminine, rooted in faith.

This is not some fluffy land of sparkles and rainbows, unicorns or cupcakes - ok, maybe keep the cupcakes. You not only dream of a life beyond the pale of the everyday and envision every last detail, but you're getting there... IN STYLE. You're fully aware that an ambitious life might involve a dredge (or two) through the mud, but it's a journey you're willing to embrace in cute boots, a snarky tee and endless paper, paint and glue. Twirling in the sun in your wild feminine radiance is calling. Those dreams? They are real. Before your very eyes. You're going places. Act like it. Look like it. And the world conspires to bring opportunity to your path.  

Fuschia Blush jewelry & accessories embody the rush of style, sophistication & confidence that comes from wearing something that is one-of-a-kind. Crafting artisan products fills me with a bold sense of calm. Each piece is an individual expression of blind faith in my craft that inspires me to believe that my range of talents serves a bigger purpose.

The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever seen before.

blend Passion & Spirituality with Kindness & Transformation.

All products are unique extensions of my own personal style. When we take time to listen to our heart and savor the present moment, we can trust in our own individuality and share it with the world. Collections are modeled specifically after designs I wear myself, celebrating the beauty in a juxtaposition of contradictory elements - Humble Strength, Modern Traditional, Confident Vulnerability, Rustic Glam... Sophisticated and wearable as they are versatile. Suitable from work to casual, date night to girls night out!


necklaces, pendants & EARRINGS

Made from carefully selected glass and acrylic beads, genuine semi-precious stones and metal findings. Several pieces are a mix of old & new materials. I scour some of the best flea markets in the Hudson Valley for vintage chains and other items to accompany pendants. I am very particular about the quality, but please note that due to the nature of these elements, that they are NOT brand new. Minimal signs of wear is normal and intentionally part of the desired aesthetic. Everything old is new. 


Crocheted with love from quality acrylic yarns in a variety of colors and weights. I LOVE these so much it's hard to make one I don't want to keep! They make great cozy gifts (even to yourself!) during those colder fall & winter months.

  • XS/ACTIVE fits comfortably snug to the neck for no-fuss warmth all around. Great for active days outside!

  • SMALL narrow fit is close to the neck with a hint of draping.

  • MEDIUM cowl neckline hangs slightly open. Most popular, fashionable size for all day wear.

  • LARGE/HOODIE longer length allows it to be pulled over head and still cover to the base of the neck.