A creative workspace stock-piled with all the paints, papers, & creative tools you can dream of? THAT's an Art Gym.

A safe, inspiring place where you let it all out... where you share and celebrate what life throws at us. A process of tuning out so that you can tune in, connect the dots and plot how to move forward - creatively, at work, in life… wherever.  

Wheelhouse is this haven.

Freedom of expression at its finest.

Yes, you can draw.

Graphic design, illustration, photography, retouching, print production... now teaching - my journey has touched upon them all. I can draw or paint in a variety of styles and mediums, both traditionally and digitally, but choose mixed media collage time and time again as a form of active mediation and abstract expression. There is a deep relaxation and clarity that comes from simply creating on a regular basis. You don't need master level or formal training to do that.

Crafts and DIY projects serve to build character, foster self-esteem and generate feelings of accomplishment. In our hectic lives, we can all benefit from that.

Shelly Prokop blends text and imagery with great attention to every detail. Her compositions evoke a timelessness, romanticism and a richness that draws the viewer in. She shares her love of the art of collage in such an accessible way... it makes you feel the confidence to explore the creativity you have within yourself in the playful and exciting environment she creates for your learning space.
— Stacey - Art educator, california
ssp open studio

open studio

Access the space, equipment and supplies to work on your own project. Shelly is available for reference and questions but is not a guided class. The perfect time to continue work in your art journal, finish an existing project or explore a new creative prompt.


ssp classes

Classes & workshops

Use of space, equipment and supplies with professional guided instruction by Shelly Prokop or a guest artisan on a specific topic or project.

ssp full day

Full day intensive

One Saturday per month push your creativity to the max. Enjoy a full day of dreaming big and making art. Break for lunch, a stroll through Beacon or some gentle physical movement. 

Shelly encouraged our creativity to flow. It was inspiring to collage with her by our sides.
— Nora
All I can say was that I was in awe of watching Shelly work. Her dedication was so inspiring.
— Christine

Wheelhouse classes are for artists and creatives of all levels. No prior experience or training is necessary to attend.

Classes are 1-3 hours. First hour is instruction and demonstration, followed by open time to work. It is not mandatory to stay the entire time, but the time and space is available to you - aka, USE it.  

Fees include all materials & supplies, use of space, and professional instruction.

Painting • Drawing • Photography

DIY Home Decor • Jewelry & Accessories

Bookmaking • Stationery • Stamping • Scrapbooking

paint party

Everyone can be creative.

no cookie cutter canvases at this paint party.

You do not need to be an artist to express yourself. You need permission to let go of perfection.

This is not an adult paint by number. Learn the process of visual journaling and create your own wire bound sketchbook. Create several pages of honest to goodness unique artwork from the heart. Bask in the atmosphere of a true artist studio. Soothing music and guided mindfulness will open your mind to release what you’ve been holding onto. Leave with a personal reminder of all that you knew you had within you - a true masterpiece - and the knowledge of how to continue journaling on your own.

Materials & Supplies

  • Light refreshments will be served. Wheelhouse is strictly a NUT-FREE environment. Please respect that. (I'm the one with the allergy!)

  • You are welcome to bring your own beverage of choice. Please drink responsibly.

  • All mixed media, painting and other supplies provided.

  • It is suggested that you wear or bring clothes that you are prepared to get a little paint on. Marks of pure genius at work if you ask us!

I can't wait to create with you!