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because Image IS everything.

There is an energy that surrounds us. With a language of it's very own, it cuts through what we are programmed to think and talks with our very cells. For business owners and entrepreneurs, your image is a make it or break it moment. People are either going to stop and take notice or pass on by.

When you look the part and play the part, you send the right message. 

Run your own show? Then the brand is you, my dear - and it is essential that your business, your product - YOUR LIFE - screams who you are and what you stand for.

Struggling to get through to clients, feeling misunderstood - or worse, unheard altogether - is a miserable place to hang your hat. Trust me, I spent many years there. Shouting into the abyss yet still no one's listening. Because they can’t really hear you.

When there is a disconnect between your visual story and your words, it doesn't just leave you misundertood - it leaves you passed over.

You aren’t communicating effectively. 

Old images, generic stock photos, or ... please don't make me say it… clip art? OK, I'm dating myself with that last one, but I've been in the graphic game for a while. Settling for DIY graphics or templates isn't getting it done. It’s chit chatting the same old gibberish everyone else is spewing and it certainly won't get you noticed.

It's never too late to speak up and tell a better story.

I've got a fleet of tools to help figure it out. 


Personal Branding, Fashion, Natural Beauty & Boudoir Sessions available on-location or in my Beacon, NY studio. Surrender to the camera, bare your soul, and shine in your own radiant light. Say cheese? Why yes. Yes, please.   


graphic design

A Visual Impact Brand Identity gets the real you noticed in a sea full of sameness. Build your brand story and keep it consistent through all of your marketing.

mixed media arts

My not-so-secret secret weapon to develop your intuition, cultivate creativity and determine your soul inspired path to your dream life. This 3 stage process to create art guides you to your next step.