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the art of reinvention

change is the only true consistency.

Maybe you're starting over. Maybe your moving on. Or maybe you're just trying to keep the momentum you have going and fresh. If there's one true guiding force in my life, it has been the intuitive nudge to know exactly when to hunker down and stay the course and when to surrender to the wanderlust of curiosity. Basically, I've done that, what's next? And I've been able to consistently build the life, a business and a brand that's always on the forefront of change.

We're living in an age where innovation is the daily norm. It creates a buzz of new new new, more more more. We are forced to keep up or perish. This energy surrounds us, and with a language of it's very own, cuts through what we are programmed to think. When we become conscious of it, we can choose to be in the driver seat. We begin to decide what we let in, but also what we project outward.

For business owners and entrepreneurs, leveraging this environment is the key to sustainability. Communicating who you are, what you're about and why it matters fuels everything. First impressions matter. In all that chaos, they become a make it or break it moment. Will people stop and take notice or pass on by?

because Image IS everything.

Run your own show? Then the brand is you, my dear - and it is essential that your business, your product - YOUR LIFE - screams who you are and what you stand for. When you look the part and play the part, you send the right message.

Struggling to get through to clients, feeling misunderstood - or worse, unheard altogether - is a miserable place to hang your hat. Trust me, I spent many years there. Shouting into the abyss yet still no one's listening. Because they can’t really hear you. When there is a disconnect between your visual story and your words, it doesn't just leave you misunderstood - it leaves you passed over.

You aren’t communicating effectively. 

Old images, generic stock photos, or ... please don't make me say it… clip art? OK, I'm dating myself with that last one, but I've been in the graphic game for a while. Settling for DIY graphics or templates isn't getting it done. It’s chit chatting the same old gibberish everyone else is and it certainly won't get you noticed.

Welcome to the creative mothership.

a multi-media design think tank

Besides being an artist, I always wanted one of those cute play houses when I was little. Somewhere to hide away in my own little haven of creation, but also have friends over to jam out on projects. I had a custom dollhouse. My dream was a little bigger. Since then I took over the driveway, led "the cool" clubs on the playground, and turned over sketchbook after sketchbook, canvas after canvas -  until that haven, became my business.  


artistically driven vision for conceptual understanding in a visual world

The vision is revolutionary. The knowing is strong. You have it. It is given. The change... is slow. The shift... takes time. When we force it, it crumbles. When we wait too long for it, it vanishes. Seek it. Search for it. But let it search for you too. It's trying to find you too. You know where it is. And it's not out there.


branding & design

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mixed media art

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visionary loudmouth

Mixed Media Collage Art + Supplies,

Jewelry, Crocheted Scarves & Graphic tees

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original art


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